Manual prior authorizations are a top workflow challenge for healthcare professionals.Our Electronic Prior Authorization solution reduces frustration by delivering approvals in minutes or less.



Electronic Prior Authorization connects health plans to electronic health records and pharmacy software so clinicians can quickly process prior authorizations and patients get their medication sooner.

Reduces Administrative Burdens and
Boosts Patient Satisfaction

See how health systems and technology vendors can help prescribers automatically identify and quickly process prior authorizations at the point of care to improve efficiency and patient care.

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Increases Efficiency and
Speeds Time to Therapy

See how pharmacies can help specialty pharmacists and technicians execute prior authorizations in their pharmacy management system to save time, reduce hassles and get patients on medications faster.

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Our Prior Authorization Portal provides a free, online way to easily submit fully electronic prior authorization requests right away, even if the service is not yet available within the EHR.

Eliminates manual prior authorization hassles

Saves users valuable time by eliminating the forms, faxes and phone calls associated with manual prior authorization.

Improves patient and physician satisfaction

Provides rapid prior authorization approvals while patients are in the office, allowing more time for meaningful patient engagement and eliminating surprises at the pharmacy.

Provides quick and easy access

Offers free, immediate access to electronic prior authorization when an EHR-integrated solution is not available.

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Pharmacist Perspectives on the Specialty Fulfillment Process

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Aurora Health Care Cuts Clinic Staff Overtime By More Than Half with Electronic Prior Authorization

Explore how a health system is reaping the benefits of Electronic Prior Authorization in this article and webinar.
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Will clinicians be informed of approval or denial decisions in real-time?

Yes, Electronic Prior Authorization is connected to health plans and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) to ensure that clinicians get real-time approval or denial decisions within the EHR, often seconds after submitting a completed question set.

How does the manual prior authorization process impact patient care?

69% of patients who get their medications report waiting two or more days for prescription approval, while many others abandon their prescriptions when faced with the prior authorization process.ii

Will clinicians have to enter patient demographics or medication information into a form?

No, Electronic Prior Authorization is fully integrated into the EHR workflow, allowing the automatic transmission of all patient and provider demographic and medication information to the correct payer, at the touch of a button, without extra work for the clinician.

Is it necessary for clinicians to fill out a paper form or visit a website with Electronic Prior Authorization?

No, Electronic Prior Authorization is completely integrated within the EHR workflow and does not require physicians to leave the familiar context of their EHR to answer prior authorization questions.

Does my EHR have Electronic Prior Authorization?

Electronic Prior Authorization is already available in many of the top EHRs with more adopting the capability all the time. Below is a partial list of EHRs that are already certified for Electronic Prior Authorization. Contact your vendor to request Electronic Prior Authorization.

  • Aprima Medical Software
  • Care360
  • Cerner
  • Compulink
  • Connexin
  • DigiDMS
  • DrFirst
  • DoseSpot
  • eMedicalNotes
  • Epic
  • Evident
  • Henry Schein Medical Systems
  • InstantDx
  • Insync Healthcare Solution
  • MD Office Manager
  • MDToolbox
  • MedicalMine
  • Modernizing Medicine
  • MTBC
  • Nemo Health
  • NextGen Healthcare
  • Office Ally
  • Practice Fusion
  • RxNT
  • STI Computers
  • Triarq Health
  • Virence Health

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Let’s Discuss How Our Prior Authorization Solutions Can Work for You

i. National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP) ePA Task Group, 2011
ii. New AMA Survey Finds Insurer Preauthorization Policies Impact Patient Care, American Medical Association, November 22, 2010

Let’s Discuss How Our Prior Authorization Solutions Can Work for You