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Turn barriers

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into breakthroughs with simpler health intelligence sharing

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Faxes. Phone calls. Emails. Paperwork.

Everyday disruptions can cause treatment delays for patients and frustration for everyone involved in their care, from prescribers and pharmacists to health plans, pharmacy benefit managers and population health teams.

But what if you could break through common communication barriers and help deliver exceptional care with less struggle?

See how the Surescripts Network Alliance® is making it happen.

Primary care visit

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A physician is preparing to see a new patient from out of state. But without clinical documentation or medication history from the patient’s previous providers, it’s hard to get a clear picture of the treatment he’s already received.

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The physician prescribes a specialty medication that requires prior authorization. She crosses her fingers that her support staff can easily find the correct form—and that the cost will be affordable for the patient.

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While trying to squeeze in lunch, the physician gets a phone call: The prescription she sent can’t be filled because the specialty pharmacy needs more information.

At the hospital emergency department

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Weeks later, the patient arrives in the emergency department by ambulance unconscious, and the care team doesn’t know which medications he’s taking or where he’s been treated in the past.

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The patient is ready to be discharged, and the emergency department doctor has important follow-up information for his primary care provider. But for some reason, the fax isn’t going through.

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The patient leaves the hospital with a new medication regimen, and the emergency department doctor needs to make sure an old medication is not refilled. Better call the pharmacy to be safe … and try to tune out the hold music.

At the pharmacy

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At the pharmacy, a patient trying to pick up his prescription is shocked by the high cost. The pharmacist thinks she can help find another option, but it’ll involve a lot of back-and-forth between the patient, prescriber and health plan.

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The pharmacist gets another prescription—but it needs prior authorization. Time to try to get the prescriber on the phone.

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Over at the specialty pharmacy, a pharmacist discovers that the patient’s weight is missing, so she can’t confirm the correct dose. Another phone call goes on the to-do list.

Behind the scenes

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A care manager makes a phone call to check that a patient has filled her diabetes prescription, but her voicemail is full.

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A surprising claim for a hospital visit reaches the patient’s health plan. Her care manager there scrambles to track down more details so he can provide appropriate outreach and help prevent duplicate therapy.

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The health plan is updating its formularies, and there are serious cost implications for many members. The health plan mails out a notice to their members’ providers, but there’s no way to know how many will get it in time to take action.

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