What if the future of healthcare didn't rely on technology from the past?

With access to health information more important than ever, it’s time to experience A Faxless Future. Surescripts teamed up with artist Josh A. Weston to give fax machines a new and more useful purpose.

Watch Josh rethink the fax machine

The ArtiFax gallery

Explore the more useful uses for a fax machine. Read each ArtiFax story and get a glimpse into how they were created.


Let's exchange fax machine for in-workflow solutions that align better with patient care

Electronic Prior Authorization

Integrate directly with prescribers’ and specialty pharmacists’ electronic workflows, enabling them to quickly and easily obtain prior authorization so patients can start on their medications sooner.

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Record Locator & Exchange

All healthcare is not local. In today’s fragmented care environment, the ability to quickly locate and access clinical records is critical to unlocking safer, higher quality and lower cost healthcare.

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Specialty Medications

Specialty medications are vital therapies with complex requirements. Simplify the process and enable prescribers, pharmacists and specialty hubs to send and receive data electronically.

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Clinical Direct Messaging

Integrated with EHR workflows, Clinical Direct Messaging lets pharmacists and clinicians seamlessly send and receive information across multiple care collaboration scenarios.

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Medication History

Our Medication History solutions give a more complete and accurate electronic picture of patients’ medication history for better informed, more efficient and safer care decisions.

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