Specialty medications are vital therapies with complex requirements.
Our Specialty Patient Enrollment solution simplifies the process, getting patients their medications faster than ever.


Patients prescribed specialty medications need them quickly to avoid adverse health outcomes. Specialty Patient Enrollment significantly reduces administrative tasks and provides a streamlined workflow by automating the enrollment process and accelerating speed to therapy.

Simplifies specialty enrollment

The specialty patient enrollment form is prepopulated with complete patient information directly from the electronic health record (EHR) and is automatically sent to the pharmacy for fulfillment.

Reduces administrative burdens

By sending specialty pharmacies and hubs an accurate electronic form, the need for phone calls and faxes is greatly reduced, giving valuable time back to prescribers, pharmacists and support staff.

Streamlines communication

The e-prescription, prior authorization and specialty patient enrollment information is sent simultaneously via a secure, automated workflow – correct, approved, and ready for fulfillment.

Accelerates speed to therapy

Since forms are completed and sent automatically, critical specialty prescriptions are ready to fill faster. And with minimal callbacks and paperwork, more patients can start treatment sooner.

Let’s Discuss How Specialty Patient Enrollment Can Work for You


Let’s Discuss How Specialty Patient Enrollment Can Work for You