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Patients seek lower costs and convenient service. But tracking down information from payers and prescribers consumes precious time for pharmacists and patients.

Information gaps impact efficiency.

Phone and fax communication with prescribers due to confusing or incomplete information causes inefficiencies that can result in adherence and safety issues.

3 out of 10 patients have not taken a prescription due to fill time.1
>1 in 10 e-prescriptions contain Sigs with a quality issue.2

Cost barriers reduce adherence.

When pharmacists don’t have access to patient-specific medication pricing information and therapeutic alternatives, prescription abandonment may result.

60% of prescriptions costing $500+ are not picked up by patients.3
>50% of patients have not taken a prescription due to cost.1

Evolve faster with simpler, trusted intelligence sharing

  • Intelligent Prescribing
  • Clinical Interoperability
  • Benefits & Authorizations
  • Care Team Evolution
  • Value-Based Care

Intelligent Prescribing

Make safe, clear prescriptions standard with automation built for high data quality and efficient pharmacist/prescriber collaboration.

Clinical Interoperability

Make interoperability an everyday reality with more patient insights and clear communication channels.

Benefits & Authorizations

Optimize medication affordability and potentially avoid prior authorizations, with intelligence sent directly from benefit plans.

Care Team Evolution

As care delivery evolves, bring more clinical and cost information to pharmacists and technicians so patients receive exceptional care wherever they seek it.

Value-Based Care

Gain a sharper view of patients’ care activity and benefits—helping pinpoint opportunities to improve adherence, avoid unnecessary costs and close gaps in care.

Success Stories

Real-world results

“In order for us to drive a scalable solution, it's ‘all boats rise’ when we're able to do it for the industry versus if us at Walgreens just do it individually. Hence, why it's important for us to have partners like Surescripts.”

Rina Shah Senior Vice President, Pharmacy of the Future and Transformation, Walgreens

“Our staff now has immediate access to each patient's benefit information. Information that used to require multiple steps and several minutes to gather now appears right away.”

Priyank Patel Owner & pharmacist, Felicity Pharmacy, Getty Square Pharmacy and Health Rx Pharmacy
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Systematic approach to implementation

We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth solution implementation.

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Network Alliance Partner Program

We’ll partner with you to develop powerful materials that influence resale and adoption.

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Promoting safe, efficient prescriptions

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