Facing painful challenges from clinician burnout to financial pressures, American healthcare organizations and professionals in 2023 were often asked to do more with less. They had to not only deliver more high-quality care to patients with increasingly complex needs, but also find less costly, more efficient ways to do so—often with less staff.  

The Surescripts Network Alliance® took on these challenges in a spirit of collaborative innovation. Leaders and technology vendors worked to bring more trusted health intelligence to care teams. Pharmacies, payers and health systems partnered on creative ways to deliver higher-quality care more consistently. And people across the industry sought out ways to lift administrative burden by making everyday workflows simpler and more efficient.  

At each step, Surescripts worked alongside them to help healthcare heal itself with real-time care and cost intelligence. The progress we made together in 2023 will help improve the lives of patients and those who care for them today and for generations—whatever challenges the future brings.

Helping healthcare heal itself

Explore the latest National Progress Report to see how the Surescripts Network Alliance is meeting shared challenges and making headway toward better, safer, less costly care.

Better intelligence sharing at scale

Delivering trusted health intelligence nationwide depends on powerful technical infrastructure and strong partnerships. In 2023, Surescripts partnered with leaders across the Network Alliance to advance data accuracy and performance for the benefit of all. 

Tracking care team evolution

Amid primary care shortages, preserving access for patients requires new ways of working together. Our research suggests how responsibilities are shifting across the care team and where pharmacists may help fill gaps.

Cutting prescription costs, improving efficiency & elevating adherence

Too often, a complex journey lies between patients and their prescriptions. In 2023, the Network Alliance worked together to help patients get affordable medications sooner—promoting adherence while helping clinicians win back time for patient care.

Keeping care teams informed & connected

As national healthcare interoperability policy advances and value-based care gains momentum, trusted health intelligence sharing has never been more important. In 2023, people across the care team found it easier to communicate and bridge information gaps—helping them all stay aligned and updated on patients’ care.