Amid staffing crises, health equity challenges and the long reach of the COVID-19 pandemic, American healthcare faced intense pressure in 2022. For the Surescripts Network Alliance, one mandate was clear: keep evolving together. These healthcare professionals and organizations leveraged the Surescripts network to exchange an unprecedented volume of trusted health intelligence—while making that intelligence simpler to act on. 

Throughout the year, the Network Alliance expanded interoperability and put it to work, giving clinicians and care managers the patient insights and the power to make better informed decisions. They helped optimize medication choices for affordability and adherence throughout the care journey. They made it possible to get specialty medications to patients’ hands in less time, with less effort. 

In an era of great uncertainty, they kept finding new and better ways to deliver the care patients deserve. Read on to explore the progress we made together.

Tackling our biggest healthcare challenges

Explore the latest National Progress Report to see how the Surescripts Network Alliance is meeting shared challenges and making headway toward better, safer, less costly care.

Tapping into richer, more complete information

Collaboration across the Network Alliance is empowering care teams with information that’s more complete, more current and easier to consume. In 2022, we continued raising the bar for network integrity.

Keeping care teams better informed

Interoperability helps those who support patient care quickly and efficiently share information across systems. From medication history to direct messaging, the Network Alliance made it simpler to communicate, bridge information gaps and coordinate care in 2022.

Minimizing costs to maximize adherence

Cost and coverage barriers can delay or derail treatment. By leveraging prescription benefit information throughout the care journey, the Network Alliance paved the way for medication affordability and adherence in 2022.

Streamlining the specialty medication journey

As we discover more opportunities for automation, the specialty medication process is becoming simpler for everyone. In 2022, the Network Alliance helped more patients get life-changing medications with less friction.