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Use our QHIN Readiness Guide to prepare for connecting with a Qualified Health Information NetworkTM (QHINTM).

By connecting with a QHIN, organizations across healthcare can bring value to their businesses and support sustainable patient care, from health systems and electronic health record (EHR) vendors to pharmacies, health plans, pharmacy benefit managers and others.

QHINs are coming together now under the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement℠ (TEFCA℠), which establishes a new foundation for clinical information exchange across the nation. QHINs are networks of organizations working together to share data by connecting directly with each other to achieve interoperability.

Together, TEFCA and QHINs indicate where healthcare is headed.

Are You Ready?

Here are five readiness criteria to consider as you prepare for QHIN connectivity:

  1. Understand the purpose of TEFCA and QHINs: Should your organization choose to participate?
  2. Determine the value of participating: How can your organization benefit from expanded data access?
  3. Evaluate data standards and security provisions: Do the standards for QHIN connectivity align with your organization’s standards?
  4. Understand how patient matching affects data exchange: Will your QHIN actively manage a master patient index, or will that burden fall on your team?
  5. Prepare your organization for QHIN readiness: Are there any gaps in patient consent or HIPAA compliance?
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Go deeper: Learn how to connect to TEFCA and choose a QHIN

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