Automate processes and improve speed to therapy

Send specialty medication enrollment data directly from the electronic health record (EHR) to the specialty pharmacy, reducing administrative burdens for prescribers. Specialty Patient Enrollment delivers enrollment information automatically once the prescription is written so that specialty pharmacies can jumpstart patient enrollment and shorten time to fill. 

With accurate, complete data, prescribers, pharmacists and support staff all avoid phone calls and faxes—and patients can start treatment sooner.

21 million

specialty prescriptions processed electronically in 20231


prescribers enabled for Specialty Patient Enrollment in 20222

A closer look

What can Specialty Patient Enrollment do for you?

Choose your organization type to see how Specialty Patient Enrollment can help automatically gather and send key patient information with the e-prescription.

  • EHR vendors
  • Specialty pharmacies

Streamline prescriber workflows and boost speed to therapy

Automate the enrollment process and connect your EHR to specialty pharmacies. Empower customers to save time and resources while providing accurate, more complete information with prescriptions. A streamlined process also means patients get their medications sooner.

icon streamline specialty
Streamline specialty patient enrollment

Skip the paper specialty medication enrollment forms and let your EHR gather the information for the specialty pharmacy.

icon hands off approach
Take a hands-off approach

Deliver enrollment information electronically when the prescription is sent to the specialty pharmacy.

icon save time
Save time and resources

With accurate information provided in a timely manner, physicians, pharmacists and support staff can eliminate calls and faxes.

icon return realtime data
Gain a competitive edge

Better serve the expanding market for specialty medications by helping prescribers handle more of the process from within your EHR.

How it works for EHR vendors

Embed Specialty Patient Enrollment in your EHR.

Reduce coding and development with this fully contained plug-in.

Surescripts helps you launch, grow and accelerate adoption.

The Surescripts Network Alliance® Partner Program offers support and resources to help you go to market successfully.

Your EHR recognizes when a prescription requires specialty enrollment.

When a specialty medication and pharmacy are entered, Specialty Patient Enrollment determines what data is required.

Specialty Patient Enrollment extracts required enrollment data for the pharmacy.

With no need for action from the prescriber, patient data is gathered from the EHR and sent to the specialty pharmacy.

The pharmacy receives the prescription and the enrollment data required to fill it.

The patient receives their medication swiftly, and the prescriber avoids follow-up calls from the pharmacy.

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Optimize workflows and speed time to therapy

Automate enrollment and electronically connect to prescribers. Surescripts Specialty Patient Enrollment dramatically accelerates the process and reduces administrative burdens for specialty medication fulfillment. 

icon receive complete data
Receive more complete patient data

Automatically obtain patient enrollment data directly from the EHR.

icon alleviate admin burden
Alleviate your administrative burden

Eliminate back-and-forth with prescribers over the phone.

icon decrease time
Improve time to therapy

A more efficient enrollment process means you can fill prescriptions faster and better support patients.

icon reduce risk
Reduce the risk of errors

Avoid having to transcribe hard-to-read clinical information. Everything is electronic and direct from the source.

How it works for specialty pharmacies

Integrate Specialty Patient Enrollment with your pharmacy’s software platform.

Now you’ll be ready to receive enrollment information electronically from prescribers nationwide.

Specialty Patient Enrollment is triggered when a connected EHR sends you a prescription.

With no need for action from the prescriber, relevant patient information is sent from the EHR to your pharmacy.

You receive enrollment data electronically.

Patient information is transmitted directly into the pharmacy workflow, so you can fill the prescription swiftly.

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Features In Focus

Get patients on specialty medications quickly

Innovations to accelerate the patient enrollment processes bring prescribers, pharmacists and technology platforms together to get patients on the specialty medications they need to manage their conditions.

Automate enrollments

Enable prescribers to send and pharmacies to receive electronic enrollment information for patients.

Get therapy started

Reduce the days of back and forth trying to get information about a patient so that specialty medications can be dispensed.

Success Stories

Real-world results

“Innovation that keeps clinicians off the phone and in their workflow saves significant time and resources.”

Neil Simon Chief Technical and Innovation Officer, CGM eMDs Aprima

“With digital tools like Surescripts Specialty Patient Enrollment, we connect patients to programs that support them throughout their treatment journey.”

Jeff Spafford Chief Executive Officer, AssistRx

Find out more about Specialty Patient Enrollment

Do medical practice staff have to manually complete the specialty enrollment forms?

No. Enrollment information is automatically compiled from the patient’s chart, formatted into an electronic form and then sent to the specialty pharmacy.

How do I sign up for Specialty Patient Enrollment?

Click the “Get in touch” button below to let our team know you are interested, and we’ll reach out.

If you are a pharmacy, ask us about Specialty Medications Gateway as well.

Do pharmacies have to do anything to be able to receive the enrollment information?

Once a pharmacy integrates Specialty Patient Enrollment, the enrollment information is automatically compiled by the EHR and sent in the same timeframe as the e-prescription. However, pharmacies without Specialty Patient Enrollment can receive enrollment forms by fax.

Pharmacies without Specialty Patient Enrollment can also consider adopting Specialty Medications Gateway to retrieve enrollment and clinical information directly from the EHR.


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