Manual prior authorization is one of the top workflow challenges facing physicians today.i Our Prior Authorization solutions avoid this frustration, delivering electronic approvals in minutes or less.


Our Prior Authorization Portal provides a free, online way to easily submit fully electronic prior authorization requests right away, even if the service is not yet available within the EHR.

Eliminates manual prior authorization hassles

Saves users valuable time by eliminating the forms, faxes and phone calls associated with manual prior authorization

Improves patient and physician satisfaction

Provides rapid prior authorization approvals while patients are in the office, allowing more time for meaningful patient engagement and eliminating surprises at the pharmacy

Provides quick and easy access

Offers free, immediate access to electronic prior authorization when an EHR-integrated solution is not available

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State legislatures are taking action to streamline the prior authorization process. Find out what's happening in your state in this Electronic Prior Authorization policy map.

June 2019 Electronic Prior Authorization Policy Map

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i. National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP) ePA Task Group, 2011
ii. New AMA Survey Finds Insurer Preauthorization Policies Impact Patient Care, American Medical Association, November 22, 2010

Let’s Discuss How Our Prior Authorization Solutions Can Work for You