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Your feedback is our action

This year’s customer experience improvement initiatives are well under way, and you should already be enjoying some of the benefits. Let’s take a closer look at the progress to date and what's to come in the months ahead.

Enhanced visibility

We heard that you want more insight into the data, resources and educational content available to you.

How are we enhancing visibility? 

New: We’re adding Eligibility to Message Search in Workbench.      
Soon you’ll be able to research and resolve Eligibility support issues and coverage questions faster, with the same Workbench tool you use to search for other message types. You’ll be able to search by product ID or message ID to find relevant Eligibility messages from the past 90 days. All users will automatically see this option near the end of Q3.  

We’re delivering more insights and centralizing more processes in Workbench.      
In May, we retired Admin Console to put all our focus and all the tools you need into Workbench. One benefit is Workbench notifications, which means you get more targeted information and fewer emails. We’ve also been working to bring you more insights in areas like Formulary.  

We brought support case management into the Surescripts Resource Community.      
Users can now sign in to view and update cases logged by their team and assigned to their organization. 

Up next      
We’re also looking at ways we can improve access to Surescripts product education in the Learning Center. 

“The updates to Workbench have been GREAT, and the new and improved Surescripts Resource Community site is very helpful. Keep up the improvements.”

Health system

Optimized efficiency

We heard that you want us to keep making our products, testing and tools more efficient.

How are we optimizing efficiency? 

We’re centralizing support tools, including case management tools, report logs and implementation guides, and have discontinued Admin Console. Users can now enjoy more all-in-one resources. 

In the months to come, we will also be simplifying test case documentation and processes. Plus, you can look forward to new and improved features in future product releases. 

“We would love to see more improvements in testing made possible pre-production.”

Health technology vendor

“We would like to see more focus on improving the quality of existing, important services and products.” 


How are we enhancing visibility?

Your feedback helps us strengthen the network and aid your success. We’ll continue to keep you posted as we put your ideas into action throughout the year!
If you have any suggestions or questions—or want to learn more—please contact your Surescripts Account Manager.