E-Prescribing gives healthcare professionals in all care settings safer and more efficient electronic prescription management, which increases medication adherence and reduces prescription fraud.


Surescripts supports standard electronic prescription transactions, including NewRx, RefillRequest, RxChange and CancelRx, to allow clinicians to securely e-prescribe within their existing workflow.

Improves medication adherence

E-Prescribing, combined with Eligibility & Formulary, increases first fill medication adherence by 20%.i

Eliminates manual prescription processes

E-prescriptions delivered to a pharmacist’s electronic workflow reduce time spent clarifying manual prescriptions, entering data or making follow-up phone calls.

Expands reach

Surescripts provides a single connection to the largest network of EHRs, health systems, pharmacies, health information exchanges, and long-term and post-acute care facilities.

Improves patient safety

Pharmacists no longer have to interpret handwritten prescriptions, reducing potential for errors.

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Integrating Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substances (EPCS) within existing technology and workflows offers new dimensions of safety and security.

Addresses opioid fraud and abuse

Sends prescriptions for controlled substances electronically and securely from prescriber to pharmacy

Increases efficiency

Reduces pharmacy and provider callbacks to clarify intent

Improves patient safety

Helps providers make the best-informed care decisions for patients who may be at risk of abuse or overdose of controlled substances

Maintains regulatory compliance

Ensures that providers are in compliance with existing legislation

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Surescripts supports electronic prescription transactions specific to the long-term and post-acute care markets, including Census and Resupply, within existing workflows to improve prescription accuracy and increase efficiency.

Broad access to facilities

A single connection enables communication with multiple long-term and post-acute care facilities, making direct connections unnecessary.

Improves prescription accuracy

Streamlined, EHR-integrated e-prescribing delivers unmatched accuracy, efficiency and value.

Gives time back to patient care

A reduction in phone calls, faxes and manual transcription means more time spent with patients.

Get Certified for E-Prescribing

Surescripts has been named as an ONC Program Partner for Electronic Prescribing §170.315(b)(3) and approved as an alternative test method to the ONC-Authorized Testing Laboratory. That means electronic health records (EHR) vendors that complete Surescripts certification testing for E-Prescribing can simultaneously achieve ONC Health IT certification for the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs’ (NCPDP) SCRIPT 10.6 standard.

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Note: This form is for technology vendors to request Surescripts certification for their e-prescribing solution. Physicians, please do not complete this form. Contact your EHR vendor for more information on its e-prescribing capabilities or click here to view a list of Surescripts-certified prescriber software.

i. “E-Prescribing with Decision Support Is Associated with Improvements in Medication Adherence," American Journal of Pharmacy Benefits, July/August 2016