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In Case of Emergency, "Rx History" Will Help Physicians and Pharmacists Provide More Informed, Better Care to Evacuees and Patients in Need of Prescription Medicines

PHOENIX, NACDS Annual Meeting - April 24, 2007 - Today, the nation's community pharmacies joined together to announce a new initiative that will provide individuals who have been displaced by natural disasters or other emergencies with faster, safer access to life-saving prescription medications. Based on learnings from Hurricane Katrina, the new initiative uses technology that would allow licensed prescribers and pharmacists anywhere in the country to securely access an information service containing the prescription history, or "Rx History," of a patient from the affected area. In the midst of an emergency, Rx History reduces the risk of medication errors by making critical information available to licensed caregivers when and where they are treating patients. All communications within Rx
History are compliant with HIPAA and state laws with respect to privacy and security.

In Case of Emergency: Rx History
A properly authenticated and licensed physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant or pharmacist can use Emergency Rx History to confirm the details of a patient's pre-emergency drug regimen, including dosage and physician instructions. Rx History also allows a patient's physician and pharmacist to make a more informed check for - and thus increase the chance of avoiding - potentially harmful drug interactions. Providing secure access to detailed clinical data such as this can, in a time of crisis, allow licensed caregivers to prescribe and dispense drugs in
a more informed, effective and timely manner.

The clinical value of electronic medication records was never illustrated more clearly than in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Many Katrina evacuees who took prescription medications before the hurricane were displaced with no medications and no access to their medical records, most of which were paper-based and either destroyed or unavailable. This created yet another threatening situation for patients already at risk from the disaster itself, especially those who relied on prescription medications to treat chronic illness.

Rx History was first tested as part of a response by community pharmacies and other healthcare leaders to help Hurricane Katrina victims who needed medications, but often had no prescription information. In these situations, licensed caregivers were able to access medication histories from community pharmacies via

"Making prescription histories available to licensed caregivers in the aftermath of a disaster can mean the difference between life and death," said Dr. Roxane Townsend, deputy secretary for the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals. "Hurricane Katrina revealed how extremely challenging it can be to treat patients in desperate need of medication, but for whom you have no clinical information source. Providing authenticated caregivers with secure, electronic access to a patient's prescription history can help a physician or pharmacist avoid errors during a stressful situation when they are most likely to occur. For anyone on multiple medications or a medication for a chronic condition, the Emergency Rx History service could help a physician or pharmacist save that person's life."

In the event of an emergency, Brooks Eckerd, CVS/pharmacy, Giant Food Pharmacy, Kerr Drug, Longs Drugs, Osco Drug, Rite Aid, Sav-On Pharmacy, Stop & Shop, Walgreens and Wal-Mart will provide access to Rx History through the Pharmacy Health Information Exchange, operated by SureScripts (an organization founded by National Association of Chain Drug Stores and the National Community Pharmacists Association). Additional pharmacies will be added in the near future and as needed depending on the geographical area impacted by the disaster. Through continued investment in the Pharmacy Health Information Exchange, operated by SureScripts, the nation's pharmacies have dramatically improved the response time and range for the delivery of Rx History.

"After Hurricane Katrina, we faced an unprecedented need from pharmacy patients, both in the areas hit by the storm and in the many states that evacuees fled to," said David Bernauer, Chairman of Walgreen Co. "If a similar situation happens again, Rx History will no doubt save lives from the very beginning of the crisis."

"The demands of Hurricane Katrina brought out the best in community pharmacies," said Jonathan C. Roberts, chief information officer and senior vice president - information services of CVS/pharmacy. "In a disaster, the top priority is
ensuring that customers have their medications. CVS/pharmacy was dedicated to that effort in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in dispensing some 10,000 prescriptions in just the first few days after the disaster. With Rx History, we will be better positioned than ever before to respond in cases of emergency."

"We believe this is an excellent initiative as, in the event of an emergency, those impacted often have enough problems and issues to face without being subjected to delays when trying to obtain their personal prescriptions," said John Fegan, senior vice president of pharmacy operations for Stop & Shop, Giant Food LLC, Giant Food Stores and Tops Markets. "Providing the means to continue one's medications without interruption is a very positive thing."

"It is an annual event at Kerr Drug to prepare to assist Carolinians exposed to coastal events. Preparation in the past has included stocking up on staples such as water, batteries and flashlights," said Mark J. Gregory, RPh, vice president of pharmacy and government relations for Kerr Drug. We now have another great resource we can put in our emergency kit to allow patients un-interrupted access to their prescription records through Rx History."

"This initiative will help insure that licensed pharmacists can dispense needed medications to disaster victims under the worst circumstances, and in some cases may help save their lives," said Phil Keough, senior vice president of pharmacy operations for Rite Aid. "Access to medications, especially in high stress and emergency situations is crucial to patient healthcare."

How to Access Rx History in Case of Emergency

Rx History can be accessed by licensed prescribers in two ways:

1) EMR and E-Prescribing Software - For the nation's prescribers to be fully prepared and able to respond as quickly as possible during a crisis, the primary option for accessing the pharmacy prescription information service must be through the use of electronic prescribing or electronic medical record (EMR) software that is certified to receive Rx History through the Pharmacy Health Information Exchange, operated by SureScripts. The same certified software normally used by physicians during their routine care of patients would allow access to Emergency Rx
History for evacuees and other patients at-risk during and following a crisis. To find out if an e-prescribing or electronic medical record vendor has been certified for Rx History, go to /certified.

2) Portal - As a stop-gap measure for prescribers without access to certified software, the nation's pharmacies have teamed with Informed Decisions and the American Medical Association to facilitate access to Rx History in the event of a disaster through (In Case of Emergency Rx (History)). During periods of emergency, licensed healthcare professionals who have been properly identified and authenticated and who register on can access prescription histories from several sources by going to and entering the username and password obtained during the authentication and registration process. For information, visit

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Founded by the pharmacy industry in 2001, SureScripts ® operates the Pharmacy Health Information Exchange ™, which facilitates the secure electronic transmission of prescription information between physicians and pharmacists and provides access to lifesaving information about patients during emergencies or routine care. Today, more than 95 percent of all pharmacies and all major physician technology vendors in the United States are certified on the Pharmacy Health Information Exchange. More information about SureScripts is available at

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