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Thousands More Physicians to Begin E-Prescribing via the Pharmacy Health Information Exchange ™

Alexandria, Va. - May 1, 2007 - SureScripts, operator of the Pharmacy Health Information Exchange, today announced that it has acquired MedAvant Healthcare Solutions' (NASDAQ: PILL) electronic prescribing network, the longest operating physician-to-pharmacy electronic prescription network in the nation. SureScripts is not purchasing MedAvant's physician desktop application PreScribe.

Over the next 90 days, SureScripts and MedAvant will transition all electronic prescription transactions and connectivity from the MedAvant electronic prescribing network to the Pharmacy Health Information Exchange, operated by SureScripts. With more than 95 percent of the nation's pharmacies certified for an electronic connection to the Pharmacy Health Information Exchange, the acquisition will allow physicians who were formerly on the MedAvant network to reach far more pharmacies electronically. It also allows physicians and their technology vendors to communicate with pharmacies through a single network, using a single set of certifications based on nationally accepted standards and best practices for e-prescribing. All of this will allow thousands of physicians to streamline and expand their electronic prescribing connectivity - improving the safety and efficiency of the prescribing process.

"This acquisition further demonstrates the strong momentum for the Pharmacy Health Information Exchange," said Kevin Hutchinson, president and CEO of SureScripts. "It further accelerates the improvement of the prescribing process by creating thousands more direct electronic connections between pharmacies and physicians in communities throughout the country. We look forward to continuing the growth of electronic prescribing and taking advantage of every opportunity to improve the prescribing process for providers of care and patients everywhere."

About MedAvant Healthcare Solutions
MedAvant provides information technology used to process transactions within the healthcare industry. MedAvant offers electronic claims processing to healthcare providers, a Preferred Provider Organization called the National Preferred Provider Network (NPPNTM), and remote reporting solutions for medical laboratories. To facilitate these services, MedAvant operates PhoenixSM, a highly scalable platform which supports real-time connections between healthcare clients. For more information about MedAvant, visit MedAvant is a trade name of ProxyMed, Inc.

About SureScripts
Founded by the pharmacy industry in 2001, SureScripts® operates the Pharmacy Health Information Exchange™, which facilitates the secure electronic transmission of prescription information between physicians and pharmacists and provides access to lifesaving information about patients during emergencies or routine care. Today, more than 95 percent of all pharmacies and all major physician technology vendors in the United States are certified on the Pharmacy Health Information Exchange.

More information about SureScripts is available at

MedAvant Healthcare Solutions Contact:
Sarah Zimmerman

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