Pharmacy Directory

Make Sure Your Pharmacy Directory is Up-to-Date

If your directory of pharmacies is not current, you might be faxing prescriptions to community pharmacies that could be receiving them electronically. Consequently, these pharmacies are likely still faxing prescription renewal requests to you because they are not aware that you are capable of receiving these requests electronically.

Your e-prescribing/EMR software vendor is responsible for maintaining your pharmacy directory and keeping it up to date. Please contact them for more information on their processes. However, you can also use the form below to generate an online report that provides the NCPDP (EDI) number for all e-prescribing enabled pharmacies in your area. Upon successfully updating your e-prescribing software, you will be able to send e-prescriptions to the computers at these pharmacies. We encourage you to contact your software vendor for assistance with entering this information into your system.

To get started, please complete the form below. You can generate your report based on your DEA number, National Provider Identifier (NPI) number, or Surescripts Provider Identifier (SPI) number along with the zip code associated with the practice where you primarily e-prescribe.