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Impact care decisions with actionable intelligence

Learn how Surescripts can help you control costs, improve member satisfaction and spend fewer resources on administrative work and retrospective compliance initiatives.

In a fragmented healthcare system, it can be hard to exchange information efficiently.

As a health plan, you've built up tremendous expertise in healthcare management. Your data gives you a unique opportunity to improve members' health. But when providers and care managers don’t have up-to-date patient insights, expenses balloon—and the member experience suffers.

Communication gaps hinder care management.

When you have a medication update or concern about a member’s care, it can be hard to connect with providers promptly and securely. And the data your own care management teams need is often delayed.

  • Only 17% of physicians can easily find medication adherence data electronically. 1
  • 62% of patients say privacy protections are more important than easier access to their health data. 2

Clinicians prescribe without seeing the full picture.

When your members’ prescription benefit plan details aren’t easy to find, prescribers make medication decisions without a clear view of patient costs and coverage.

  • Cost has deterred 53% of patients from taking a medication. 3
  • Moving to electronic prior authorization could save health plans $99 million a year in labor costs. 4

Help care managers and providers make fully informed, cost-effective care decisions.

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One powerful connection to the point of care

A trusted network with nationwide reach

Surescripts processes 21.7 billion health data transactions per year.5

One channel to reach nearly every prescriber

Surescripts connects 2.03 million healthcare professionals and organizations.6

Collaborating to drive change throughout healthcare

Surescripts works closely with organizations such as AHIP and NCPDP to advance innovation.

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