Specialty pharmacies

Reduce the complexity of the specialty medication fulfillment process

Spend less time filling information gaps and more time supporting patients—helping them start therapy faster and improve medication adherence.

Patients rely on specialty pharmacists, but missing information often gets in the way.

When specialty pharmacies receive incomplete patient data, they spend valuable time tracking down the information and critical treatment is delayed.

Pharmacists are overwhelmed.

Specialty pharmacists are bogged down with administrative tasks, which can lead to frustration and burnout.

  • 40% of specialty pharmacists say they feel more like an admin. 1
  • 39% have to contact clinicians at least 5X in an average day. 1

Delays can hinder treatment.

All too often, treatment is delayed due to missing patient information, potentially resulting in patient health concerns and complications.

  • It takes 3 hours of paperwork to get 1 patient on specialty meds. 2
  • The average specialty prescription takes at least 4 days to fill. 1

Get the insights you need—when you need them—so patients can start therapy faster.

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