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Maximize pharmacy capabilities with innovative solutions

Enable pharmacies to access comprehensive patient information and communicate with providers electronically to enhance care and help patients start therapy faster.

Without the right tools, pharmacies often lack critical information.

When pharmacists can’t obtain complete patient data, it can lead to prescription sticker shock, safety concerns, treatment delays and prescription abandonment.

Patients deserve reliability.

When medications are too expensive or workflow disruptions delay treatment, patients may abandon therapy altogether.

  • Prescription abandonment increases when out-of-pocket costs reach $50. 1
  • >1 in 10 e-prescriptions contain confusing patient directions. 2

Pharmacists need more support.

Manual administrative tasks take up time that could be spent with patients or on activities that bring value to business.

  • 50% of specialty pharmacists say they feel more like an admin. 3
  • Most states require e-prescribing for certain or all medications. 4

Provide critical information—right from the source—to enhance pharmacy capabilities

I need to...

“[With Real-Time Prescription Benefit] information that used to require multiple steps and several minutes to gather now appears right away.”

Priyank Patel, Pharmacy Owner, NY

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Systematic approach to implementation

We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth solution implementation.

Tools for success

We’ll partner with you to develop powerful materials that influence resale and adoption.

Commitment to network integrity

We continuously protect and improve the privacy, security and performance of our network.

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