Patient access vendors

Connect with prescribers. Accelerate treatment for patients.

See how Surescripts can help connect specialty patients and prescribers to your services with greater speed and efficiency.

Information gaps interrupt the specialty medication journey.

As a patient access vendor, you have the power to unlock access to life-changing therapies for patients. But when you’re burdened by administrative work and isolated from care teams, your services fall short of their potential.

Inefficient workflows slow down your team.

Faxes, phone calls, portals—figuring out where to find the information you need can be a struggle, and your requests can get lost in the shuffle for busy providers.

  • Missing information and manual processes can stretch time to specialty therapy to 7 weeks. 1

Opportunities to collaborate slip by unseen.

Trying to onboard patients without a strong connection to prescribers and pharmacists can lead to unnecessary effort, missed messages and frustration on all sides.

  • 2 in 3 physicians alter their orders when they encounter barriers to prescribing. 2
  • Providers average >6 hours a week on documentation and prior authorization for specialty therapies. 3

Together, we create a smoother specialty journey with greater value and impact.

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One partnership for nationwide impact

Seamless integration

Surescripts solutions expand your patient access vendor platform with advanced capabilities.

Reaching prescribers across the U.S.

Surescripts connects 2 million healthcare professionals and organizations 4

Support at every step

We’ll support you throughout the launch, sale and adoption of our solutions.

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