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See how Surescripts fuels innovation for pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) with actionable patient intelligence.

Managing prescription drug costs has never been more important.

Your clients look to you for innovative solutions to keep patients healthy and satisfied while reducing the total cost of care. Today, that’s more challenging than ever.

Medication costs keep rising.

More and more patients are managing chronic conditions. Advances in life sciences are promising—but the price tag is often high.

  • Nearly a third of U.S. patients now face three or more chronic conditions. 1
  • By 2022, branded specialty drugs are projected to exceed half of medicine spending in the U.S. 2

Administrative burden adds up.

You have the data needed to optimize medication decisions in a complex market. But without easy access to your insights, providers struggle with rework and paperwork.

  • U.S. physicians cite “too many bureaucratic tasks” as their #1 cause of burnout. 3

Together, we create a more efficient system based on real-time access to your expertise.

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From your organization to the point of care


A strong network with nationwide reach

Surescripts provides a single point of connection to clinicians nationwide.


Two decades of partnership with PBMs

Since our founding, we’ve worked closely with PBMs to lower the cost of care.


Support in engaging your plans

Tools to drive health plan engagement help you see faster results from our solutions.

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