A better experience, built from your feedback

Every year, we capture your feedback in our annual customer survey and live Voice of the Customer conversations. Here are three key focus areas you raised and the initiatives we’re launching in 2024 to address them.

Upgrade preparation

Refining our upgrade processes, tools & communications

What we heard: As we approach the next network upgrade, we can help you prepare by optimizing our processes, tools and communications.

What we’re doing now:


  • Evaluating our test case library and process
  • Updating tools in preparation for the next upgrade version
  • Providing self-service options for accessing upgrade information and documentation

"We think there are opportunities to design the testing scenarios to be closer to real patient scenarios so they can be more robust."

Health system

"Having test data that is representative of data quality would be helpful."

Health technology vendor
Customer support optimization

Improving case logging & change of vendor

What we heard: Your experience connecting with our Support team could be better, whether you’re trying to reach them by phone or submitting and resolving support cases. And the change of vendor process can be tough to navigate.

What we’re doing now:


  • Delivering case status updates to clearly indicate progress toward resolving your support cases
  • Evaluating the case logging experience to find other possible improvements

"The change of vendor process is cumbersome and continues to be problematic for new organizations."

Health technology vendor

"Anything that streamlines the process from problem to case resolution is appreciated."

Health system
Value creation

Surfacing value through reporting, dashboards & more

What we heard: We can help demonstrate the value of your Surescripts solutions in many ways. Reports and dashboards displaying transaction information are important. So is sharing our roadmaps so we can innovate together to deliver value in new ways. It’s also useful to hear how other Surescripts Network Alliance participants are finding success.

What we’re doing now:


  • Improving existing reports
  • Releasing a new Medication History dashboard in April
    • Operates as a self-service tool for health technology vendors and health systems
    • Allows users to view performance and value of Medication History solutions, including metrics such as request/response numbers, error rates, data suppliers and application of premium services (including Sig IQ, augmentation and deduplication)
  • Evaluating our communications to update how we share valuable content in emails and webinars

“Continue to innovate and communicate innovation opportunities. We, as a network, will not be able to improve alone. I appreciate the elevated detail provided at Forum, specifically on the product roadmaps.”

Pharmacy benefit manager

“I'd like continued and more frequent updates and insight into the proposed product roadmap.”


“Regular performance reports give us an idea of where we need to focus our attention.”

Health system