10% of patients who abandon their medication do so because of cost.i Our Benefit Optimization solutions deliver real-time, patient-specific medication price transparency.



For more than 15 years, Surescripts has delivered eligibility and group-level formulary insights to prescriber workflows. Today, we work with almost all PBMs to provide benefit coverage information for 71% of the U.S. population.ii

Minimizes workflow disruption

Real-time eligibility and group level formulary coverage eliminates the need for a physician’s office to call the PBM to verify benefits, saving an average of $6.46 per transaction.iii

Increases medication adherence

When combined with electronic prescribing, access to eligibility and group-level formulary information at the point of care increased first-fill medication adherence by 20%.iv

Complies with Medicare Part D

In accordance with CMS regulations, Medicare Part D sponsors must make formulary information available electronically.

Improves patient satisfaction

Physician access to patient benefit coverage and group-level formulary allows for more-informed conversations with patients.

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Let’s Discuss How Our Benefit Optimization Solutions Can Work for You