10% of patients who abandon their medication do so because of cost.i Our Benefit Optimization solutions deliver real-time, patient-specific medication price transparency.



Real-Time Prescription Benefit delivers patient-specific drug benefit and cost information to the e-prescribing workflow at the point of care.

Uses real-time patient benefit information

Clear and concise patient-specific benefit information is pulled directly from PBMs.

Provides several drug and channel alternatives

With up to five drug alternatives and three channel options, prescribers can select ideal medications covered under patients’ pharmacy benefits.

Improves patient and physician satisfaction

Better-informed medication choices eliminate surprises at the pharmacy, reduce pharmacy callbacks, improve adherence and reduce costs.

Does not favor specific drugs or delivery channels

Surescripts preserves neutrality and never steers patients toward specific drugs or pharmacy channels.

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For more than 15 years, Surescripts has delivered eligibility and group-level formulary insights to prescriber workflows. Today, we work with almost all PBMs to provide benefit coverage information for 71% of the U.S. population.ii

Minimizes workflow disruption

Real-time eligibility and group level formulary coverage eliminates the need for a physician’s office to call the PBM to verify benefits, saving an average of $6.46 per transaction.iii

Increases medication adherence

When combined with electronic prescribing, access to eligibility and group-level formulary information at the point of care increased first-fill medication adherence by 20%.iv

Complies with Medicare Part D

In accordance with CMS regulations, Medicare Part D sponsors must make formulary information available electronically.

Improves patient satisfaction

Physician access to patient benefit coverage and group-level formulary allows for more-informed conversations with patients.

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Let’s Discuss How Our Benefit Optimization Solutions Can Work for You