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Prescriptions must be clear and accurate. And it takes the entire Surescripts network for that to happen—not just the winners of our 2023 Surescripts White Coat Award. But these winners do share something in common: They are all leaders in performance, innovation and accuracy. 

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2023 Surescripts White Coat Award: Leaders in Performance, Innovation and Accuracy

Along with performance and accuracy, the 2023 Surescripts White Coat Award has evolved to include innovation. This evolution is part of our broader effort to recognize the entire Surescripts network, from health systems, pharmacies and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) to those who build and maintain electronic health records (EHRs) and pharmacy management systems.      

But the core meaning of the White Coat Award—patient safety—hasn’t changed.  

What is the impact of a single prescription that is clear, safe and accurate? It means everyone on the care team is working from the same page (or, ahem, prescription). And with a total of 2.34 billion e-prescriptions filled in 2022, the focus on clarity and accuracy adds up.  

“We are honored to be the recipient of the first ever Surescripts White Coat Award for Innovation. This year we celebrate 25 years of electronic prescribing solutions, and we remain committed to continuing to invest in innovation to improve the e-prescribing experience for over 100,000 active prescribers using our solutions.

Tom Langan

President and Chief Commercial Officer, Veradigm

Key changes to the 2023 Surescripts White Coat Award include: 

  • A new Innovation award category. 
  • The Highest Performance award category that includes the Quality Index Score (QIS) and its underlying performance measures.   
  • A simplification of award tiers for health systems. 
  • A distinction between retail pharmacies and mail-order pharmacies. 

With these changes, we hope to inspire other healthcare organizations to strive for innovative gains of their own, and together we’ll move healthcare forward.  

Learn more about these healthcare leaders and the 2023 Surescripts White Coat Award. 

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