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Clark Bishop, Pharm.D, co-owner and pharmacist manager at Hutton Pharmacy in Blackwell, Oklahoma, demonstrates the close connection between pharmacist and patient that can be forged with a bit of loving care.

“If you love people, if you take care of them—if you go out of your way to do what they need,” he says, “then they’re going to latch onto you.”

In celebration of American Pharmacists Month, watch this award-winning independent pharmacist share his insights on developing genuine relationships with both patients and fellow providers who build their life around this tight-knit town spanning just six square miles.

And the connection Clark Bishop feels in this community is a two-way street. “This town, not just this pharmacy has become just a huge part of my life, and the relationships that I’ve built here have become some of the most important in my life,” he says.  

Bishop is a big believer in technology and the advantage it gives him in a rapidly evolving industry. With vastly more efficient electronic workflows replacing wasteful manual processes, pharmacists like Bishop have more time to “think outside the bench,” and operate at the top of their license as trusted, consultative and specialized healthcare providers. They can offer both patients and prescribers value well above and beyond dispensing, and ultimately create a better, safer and more cost-effective experience for the communities they serve.

To learn more about how technology benefits independent pharmacies like Bishop, join Surescripts at the 2020 NCPA Annual Convention Virtual Meeting, October 18–19, 2020.