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Tiffany Rosenquist’s love of people is what makes her such a passionate and joyful customer experience professional. Her ability to bring together the analytical and the emotional side of healthcare enables deep listening, empathetic responsiveness and clear communication—all especially necessary elements to helping our customers succeed during COVID-19 and beyond. 

In her role as Director of Customer Experience Improvement, Tiffany leverages her sense of adventure and a growth mindset to see only more opportunity with each improvement that she and her team support. And it’s the people in her everyday life who inspire and motivate her to work hard and have fun in the process.

1. When you chat with colleagues, what topics, trends or advances are you talking about lately?

It's exciting to see companies understand that from a customer experience perspective, it's all about emotions. Yes, to make business decisions, logic and data must be there. And my whole team works to understand what data is available to drive those decisions. But if you can truly get the heart and the mind working together, you can get to an even better place.

Healthcare experiences can be overwhelming and stressful, so we drive to make things easier on the technology side to improve the patient and provider experience. And while software and artificial intelligence are becoming table stakes, we can't forget about human-centric design and experience, and the importance of interpersonal relationships.

2. How would you talk about the customer experience at a cocktail party (or virtual happy hour, now that we’re social distancing)?

With the pandemic, stress and fear are high, so patient safety is on a lot of customers’ minds. The more we can fulfill our role of creating an optimal customer experience, the better and safer their patients’ experiences will be. Part of my job in customer experience is to improve the system that enables us to better communicate, and we’re now providing clearer and more timely communication, especially on network connectivity or potential patient safety issues. This makes it easier for our customers to monitor and take action.

3. It’s 2030. What are you most proud of having helped accomplish in healthcare?

My passion is customer experience, so in 2030, I’ll be proud that I helped lead change. I hope to have even more success with my team in enhancing every patient and provider experience by improving the experience our customers have with Surescripts. We continue to listen more deeply and execute action plans that get at the heart of an issue and mitigate it quickly and effectively.

We often say, “There is no ‘done’ in healthcare.” Every improvement we make just opens another door to opportunity for positive change. I thrive on this mindset in both my professional and personal lives. I love to constantly grow and learn by getting out of my comfort zone. Whether it’s ziplining above the jungle at 55 mph and getting to know another culture in Costa Rica, or breaking ground on a new home during a pandemic, my sense of adventure aligns with the way that healthcare continuously challenges us to rise to the occasion.

And my hope is that by 2030, we will have continued to build a culture across healthcare of not blaming, but just trusting in each other. If we're open about challenges, we can work together as a network—a cohesive alliance—to truly make a difference. That's my goal.

4. Who do you consider influencers, innovators or leaders?

I'm always listening to podcasts and seeking out new information. I find The CX Cast by Forrester very helpful from an industry and customer experience perspective. I listen at least once a week, and it helps ground me in what other industry leaders are thinking about and trends that help me understand where we might go next to provide even better support for our customers.

A few years ago, I read You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero. I'm a little bit of a perfectionist. So, there's usually some sort of self-doubt going on, and I’m always asking: “How can I do more? How can I be more for my people at home? How can I do more for my people at work?” This book inspired me to just stop doubting and believe in myself. Yes, I’m responsible for everything that I say and do—but I am who I am—and that's great.

I also loved the Chip and Dan Heath book: The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact. It was my first book about customer experience, and I read it about four years ago when I was a customer experience program manager. It helped me think about each moment that the customer goes through, and how none of them is by accident. We have the power to create great experiences in each moment, and we’re responsible for making a great experience every step of the way.

5. Who or what inspires you?

It’s the little things I see inside the people I’m closest to that inspire me the most. It feels more attainable to be like the characters in my everyday life than a celebrity or motivational speaker.

First and foremost, my mom taught me to work hard, and my dad taught me to have fun.

My mom is my guiding light and the reason I work in healthcare. I always wanted to be just like her: hardworking, caring, selfless and positive. She had two separate primary cancers at the same time—breast cancer and lung cancer—and surviving it involved lots of phone calls, appointments and treatments. It all worked, and we were given another handful of really great years with her that we wouldn’t have otherwise had. And now I know firsthand how important it is that healthcare providers be able to take care of patients in those moments, rather than the system or the technology.

My mom’s experience fuels my work at Surescripts to deliver an exceptional customer experience. The more I can help our customers empower healthcare’s front lines with the tools and information they need, the more those providers are able to reach positive outcomes, and give patients many more healthy years to spend with the ones they love. 

Learn more about what it’s like to work at Surescripts and how we all contribute to improving our customers’ experience.

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