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In an age of misinformation and doubt, Geeta Nayyar works to build trust. “Dr. G” recognizes that trust is key to success among patients, providers and payers. “If I don’t trust you,” she says on our podcast, “I certainly won’t listen to you or take your advice.”

It makes sense that Dr. G’s parents—both physicians themselves—won’t let their daughter live down the time she went to work for the phone company.

But it wasn’t just any phone company. And it wasn’t just any job.

Dr. G went to work for AT&T as Chief Medical Officer, which led to similar executive leadership roles at other organizations, including Chief Medical Officer at Salesforce. And then, with the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. G found herself on television offering commentary and advice to anxious viewers live on CNN.

Dr. G’s parents may never let her live down going to work for the phone company, but it’s a good bet that they are as proud of their daughter as ever.

Her book "Dead Wrong", which grew out of her work to battle misinformation in healthcare and build trust during the pandemic, is set for publication in October 2023. While we wait to read it, hear from Dr. G now—from misinformation to the future of healthcare technology—on "There’s a Better Way".

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