Be the Change You Want to See in the (Healthcare) World

February 10, 2020

Patients and the people who care for them are facing challenging times. As an industry, we’re using innovation to address these challenges.

And as a network, we’re working together across the Surescripts Network Alliance to transform billions of healthcare interactions between patients and their providers, with innovation and actionable patient intelligence.

In a recent MedCity News article, Surescripts CEO Tom Skelton shared his thoughts on what to expect this year in healthcare. Many of his predictions touch on the very challenges impacting our industry today, and how, working collaboratively, we can address and overcome them.

We just released a video that highlights some of the challenges being faced, and pays tribute to our shared purpose—better, safer, lower-cost healthcare for all.

Together, we are making progress. And together, we’re making an enormous impact.

As the nation’s most trusted and capable health information network, we improved the accuracy of e-prescription transactions by 64% between 2016 and 2018, helped prescribers save patients as much as $8,032 on a single prescription, and gave clinicians insight into their patients’ prior care locations more than 99 million times in 2018 alone.

Learn more about what—and who—drives us. Watch this new video for inspiration on how you, too, can help make an impact.

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