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Spend some time with Maxie Maggio, Customer Experience Program Manager, and it’s clear that her star is on the rise. At the heart of her #dedication is a genuine concern for the challenges our customers are facing during COVID-19. And her secret weapon for navigating these uncharted waters is simple: communication.

Maxie is driven by her admiration and respect for the brave and committed healthcare workers on the front lines of COVID-19. While they’re walking into the unknown day after day, Maxie is working behind the scenes to remove variables and proactively solve problems.

  • Q: Describe your role and how it helps keep the nation’s most trusted and capable health information network secure and reliable during a pandemic.

    As a Customer Experience Program Manager, I see the world through the customer’s lens. I am proud to be their voice and their advocate—whether it’s making sure they get the information they need to take action and mitigate issues, or ensuring they’re receiving the appropriate support from Surescripts to keep their focus on patients rather than the system or technology.

    Q: Which areas of healthcare does your work most impact and how?

    This year, I’ve been lucky to work on projects that impact all of our customers and products. And I’ve been particularly focused on working across teams to streamline and improve every aspect of our communications with customers, from the content and format to the timing and scope. I have had dozens of conversations with both customers and my internal partners to understand the issues and create alignment on a new way forward.

    Q: What is your message to frontline healthcare workers?

    We are forever grateful for your dedication. It’s incredible how you charge into high-stress situations every day, and work to ensure patients get the very best care possible. We will continue to use our resources and technologies to support all of your efforts.

    Q: What keeps you going? What inspires you to stay #dedicated in tough times?

    I am motivated by the knowledge that I’m supporting the network that hundreds of millions of patients and their healthcare providers depend on. Knowing that our work helps streamline complicated healthcare processes is extremely gratifying. I love to think of Surescripts as standing behind the front lines and arming healthcare professionals with the information they need to save lives. I am so proud to do my small part.

    Q: What do you want people to know about the work that Surescripts does behind the scenes?

    I want people to understand that I’m just one of hundreds of people at Surescripts who will do everything in our power to serve you. This isn’t just a job for us—it’s our passion and our purpose. We will go out of our way to have the tough conversations that lead to positive change. We’re relentless in our work to make healthcare processes as seamless, reliable and transparent as possible. And it’s in our DNA to keep innovating to improve the interactions between patients, doctors, pharmacists and their support staff.

Learn more about the Surescripts Network Alliance and the impact people like Maxie are having in helping frontline workers deliver better, safer and lower-cost healthcare. And check back soon for more stories in our #Dedicated series highlighting how Surescripts is keeping the nation’s most trusted and capable health information network humming.

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