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Arlington, Va. — July 27, 2023 — Surescripts has settled its case with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), without any monetary penalties, constituting the completion of all issues raised in the complaint brought by the FTC in early 2019.

“Surescripts is proud to have pioneered electronic prescribing that has brought enormous value to patients and care providers alike. For more than two decades, Surescripts has delivered innovations that increase patient safety, lower costs and ensure quality care,” said Frank Harvey, Chief Executive Officer of Surescripts. “We’re pleased that this agreement brings an end to the FTC’s litigation, formalizing changes to our business practices that we started several years ago, including the elimination of loyalty provisions in contracts. We are committed to continuous innovation and remain focused on serving our customers who make up the Surescripts Network Alliance and ultimately the patients they serve.”

The FTC’s case relied on significant factual errors about Surescripts’ business and mischaracterizations about the economic realities of the e-prescribing market. Since 2009, Surescripts has reduced average E-Prescribing transaction fees by 77%, and since 2016, Surescripts has improved the accuracy of electronic prescriptions more than 200%.

“As a trusted health information network, Surescripts helps doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare providers communicate with each other as a team, sharing information to increase patient safety, lower costs and ensure quality care,” said Harvey. “We look forward to continuing to simplify health intelligence sharing and bring even greater innovation and experience to the healthcare industry.”

Surescripts has enabled valuable patient clinical and benefit intelligence sharing, including the transmission of COVID-19 diagnosis reports between providers and public health agencies nationwide and the transmission of real-time prescription benefit information to save patients money.

Learn more about how Surescripts is driving innovation in Surescripts 2022 National Progress Report.


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