Since 2016, pharmacies, health systems, electronic health records (EHR) vendors and pharmacy technology vendors across the Surescripts Network Alliance® have worked together to improve e-prescription accuracy. In 2020, the Surescripts Network Alliance saw a 10% increase in the aggregated Quality Index Score for electronic prescriptions across the network – an 80% improvement since 2016. As a result, physicians and pharmacists spent less time exchanging phone calls and faxes to clarify prescriber intent. And the best part: this increased accuracy helped patients get the safe, effective care they deserve.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the 2020 Surescripts White Coat Award™, which recognizes the continued efforts our customers are making to improve e-prescription accuracy. It also rewards leaders who have adopted best practices and technology enhancements that boost healthcare delivery.

For additional details about the Surescripts White Coat Award, please see the Frequently Asked Questions.


EHR Vendors, health systems, retail and mail-order pharmacies, and pharmacy technology vendors that contract directly with Surescripts will be considered for the award. No submission is required.


Finalists and winners will be selected in three competition segments. Each competition segment consists of tiers based on organization size.

EHR Vendors

  • Tier 1: 20,000+ monthly active prescribers
  • Tier 2: 20,000 monthly active prescribers or less

Health Systems

  • Tier 1: 1000+ beds
  • Tier 2: 501-1000 beds
  • Tier 3: 500 beds or less

Retail & Mail-Order Pharmacies and Pharmacy Tech Vendors

  • Tier 1: 500,000+ monthly refill requests
  • Tier 2: 500,000 or less monthly refill requests

This year, we will celebrate winners in three award categories: Highest Accuracy, RxChange Champion and Structured & Codified Sig Champion.

For the Highest Accuracy award category, two organizations will be named finalists in each tier, and one organization will be named a winner in each tier.

For the RxChange Champion award category, one organization will be named a finalist in each competition segment, and one organization will be named a winner.

For the Structured & Codified Sig Champion award category, one organization will be named a finalist in each competition segment, and one organization will be named a winner.


April: 2020 White Coat Award program launches

August 5-10: Surescripts evaluates data available in Surescripts Sentinel® to determine finalists and winners

Week of August 10: Finalists notified

October 8: White Coat Award winners announced


Surescripts White Coat Award winners will be recognized in several ways, including:

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