There’s a Better Way Episode 2

Are We There Yet? Advancing Real-World Interoperability

In this episode, Melanie sits down with Mariann Yeager, the Chief Executive Officer of The Sequoia Project, an independent advocate for nationwide health information exchange.

Beginning her career in health IT in Nashville, Mariann eventually made her way to Washington, D.C., where she’s remained on the forefront of the digital healthcare transformation ever since. Melanie and Mariann discuss how in the not-too-distant past, healthcare was still largely being conducted on paper. However, we’ve made some incredible strides since then, and this episode dives into some of the most noteworthy discoveries, changes and evolutions in the healthcare industry in recent years. Mariann also shares her perspective on the complementary nature of private-public partnership on the journey to advance data sharing practices and how to use passion to keep yourself and others motivated.


Featured on this podcast

Mariann Yeager

Chief Executive Officer, Sequoia Project

Mariann has long been at the forefront of digital information in healthcare. Since her time working as a contractor at the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), Mariann has been instrumental in the digitization of medical records. Today, as CEO of the Sequoia Project, she helps support health IT interoperability initiatives, including the eHealth Exchange, Carequality and TEFCA. 

Melanie Marcus

Chief Marketing Officer, Surescripts

Melanie joined Surescripts as Chief Marketing Officer in 2017, bringing with her more than 20 years of experience working at the intersection of marketing, technology and healthcare. Based in our Arlington, Virginia, office, she loves serving as “chief storyteller,” helping people understand how technology unites our fragmented healthcare system.


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