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No clinician went to school to spend their “pajama time” on basic administrative tasks—but that’s all too often the case. Dr. Nele Jessel is working to change that by embracing technology that allows clinicians to work smarter, not harder.

Dr. Nele Jessel, Chief Medical Officer at athenahealth, is passionate about improving healthcare delivery as well as patient and population health outcomes through technology. A self-described EHR cheerleader and practicing pediatrician, she has worked to bring the revolutionary potential of healthcare technology to pediatrics, a specialty where its adoption has lagged.

Hear from Jessel about her childhood in Germany, her decision to go into medicine, her passion for health IT—and why the solution to clinician burnout may be more technology. And before wrapping up, Jessel and Marcus discuss the importance of medication affordability and value-based care, and how technology plays a role in both.

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Nele Jessel, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer, athenahealth

Dr. Nele Jessel is a board-certified clinical informaticist and pediatrician with a passion for health information technology. The Chief Medical Officer at athenahealth, Nele is well-versed in both private practice as well as healthcare enterprise management, including coding and regulatory compliance. She’s also a perennial optimist and cheerleader for electronic health record technology with the interpersonal and teaching skills to successfully navigate provider and staff resistance to technology adoption.


Melanie Marcus

Chief Marketing & Customer Experience Officer, Surescripts

Marcus joined Surescripts in 2017, bringing with her more than 20 years of experience working at the intersection of marketing, technology and healthcare. Based in our Arlington, Virginia, office, she loves serving as “chief storyteller” and hosts Surescripts’ award-winning podcast, There’s A Better Way: Smart Talk on Healthcare and Technology, helping people understand how technology unites our fragmented healthcare system. Marcus is passionate about leading an organizational focus on “customer obsession” where we put customer value first as we work to increase patient safety, lower costs and ensure quality care. Marcus currently serves on the Board of Directors for The Sequoia Project and the Brem Foundation to Defeat Breast Cancer. She also serves as NCPDP Foundation's National Advisory Council (NAC) Chair for Role and Value of the Pharmacist.