Convening changemakers, transforming care

  • The Surescripts Network Alliance brings together changemakers from across healthcare to simplify how health intelligence is shared. It includes everyone who sends and receives information on the  Surescripts network. That means nearly all electronic health records (EHR) vendors, pharmacy benefit managers, pharmacies and clinicians in the U.S., plus health plans, long-term and post-acute care organizations, patient access vendors and specialty pharmacy organizations.
  • When all of these people and organizations work together as the Surescripts Network Alliance, they make an enormous impact on patients and those who care for them.
network alliance overview

Expanding our impact together

Partnering with Surescripts lets you tap into nationwide interoperability. And when you actively engage with the Network Alliance, you gain a force multiplier for your efforts to make care better, safer and more cost-effective.

share access info at scale

Share and access information at scale

Connect quickly and securely to over 2 million healthcare professionals and organizations on our network. Get vital health intelligence on demand for over 99% of the U.S. population.

solve big challenges

Solve big challenges with cross-industry collaboration

Tackle problems and share perspectives with people you might not meet in your day-to-day work. Find the relationships you need to unlock data quality gains, process improvements and fresh ideas.

innovate for impact

Innovate faster to achieve impact sooner

Build on our foundation of interoperability to develop new solutions with greater speed, efficiency and power. Find opportunities to optimize and see results sooner with workflow insights and in-depth reporting.

Participant success

Making an impact together

“The Surescripts Network Alliance is really critical to pulling together all of the necessary stakeholders to solve some of the greatest pain points we have as an industry.”

Dr. Lynne Nowak
former Vice President & General Manager Clinical, Data & Provider Solutions

“It’s clear that the interoperability that’s happening across the Surescripts network is having a direct impact on patients’ lives.”

Alan Swenson
Executive Director

“Surescripts does a wonderful job bringing together diverse perspectives around a very complex subject matter. The Network Alliance is a powerful resource for me and our organization.”

Sam Lambson
Vice President of Interoperability

“It’s wonderful to have an opportunity to meet with pharmacies, payers and PBMs and have a discussion around the challenges we’re facing so that we’re able to solve them together.”

Jill Helm
Vice President of Product

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Steven Lane, M.D., M.P.H.
former Clinical Informatics Director, Privacy, Information Security & Interoperability Sutter Health

Keep pace with healthcare innovation

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