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We convene healthcare organizations nationwide to simplify how health intelligence is shared—improving care for patients and better supporting those who serve them.

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Surescripts Network Alliance

The Surescripts Network Alliance®

Surescripts aligns nearly all electronic health records (EHR) vendors, pharmacy benefit managers, pharmacies and clinicians in the U.S., plus health plans, long-term and post-acute care organizations, specialty hubs and specialty pharmacy organizations. All of these people and organizations working together make up the Surescripts Network Alliance.

Enhance Prescribing

Collectively enabling safer and more affordable prescriptions

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Benefit Optimization delivers prescription benefit intelligence so clinicians can find medication that’s appropriate and affordable.

Prior Authorization helps fill prescriptions faster by bringing prior authorization question sets and responses into clinical workflows.

Specialty Medications streamlines the unique complexities of specialty prescribing and fulfillment to reduce treatment delays.

E-Prescribing sets the standard for safe, clear prescriptions with technology that fosters high data quality and efficient communication.

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Inform Care Decisions

Arming healthcare professionals with actionable patient intelligence

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Medication History gives clinicians a cleaner, more complete and intelligently enhanced picture of medications prescribed and dispensed.

Clinical History leverages the Carequality interoperability framework to deliver care history insights to clinicians and care managers.

Clinical Direct Messaging securely delivers clinical communications, facilitating efficient workflows and smoother care coordination.

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Advance Healthcare

Convening, informing and advocating for the healthcare industry

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Intelligence in Action
Find insights on topics including interoperability, specialty medications, and medication affordability and adherence.

Federal advocacy
Our leaders inform and encourage smart health IT policy at the national level.

Upcoming events
Find opportunities to connect with Surescripts throughout the year and around the country.

Press releases
Get the latest updates on how the Surescripts Network Alliance is advancing healthcare.

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Making an impact on patients together

As the COVID-19 pandemic accelerates change across healthcare, the Surescripts Network Alliance is innovating to tackle our shared challenges and deliver better care.

Increasing patient safety

We’ve improved our network-wide Quality Index Score for electronic prescriptions more than 200% since 2016.1


Lowering costs

Prescribers who use Surescripts to find a less costly alternative save patients an average of $36.68 per prescription.2

Ensuring quality care

In 2021, we helped 197,000 clinicians nationwide quickly see where patients received care and locate medical records.3

Intelligence in Action

Our history, scale and experience give us a big-picture perspective on what’s happening in healthcare. Get early insight into emerging challenges, their potential impact and how to navigate them across markets.


Healthcare professionals need information to flow easily across systems so they can share and access it anytime and anywhere it’s needed for patient care.
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Medication affordability & adherence

Medication only works if patients can access, afford and adhere to it. Visibility into prescription pricing is an important part of the equation.
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Specialty medications

When we simplify specialty prescribing, fulfillment and onboarding, patients can start their medications sooner and those who care for them can spend less time on paperwork.
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Our nation is in the midst of an opioid abuse epidemic. Facing a public health crisis, we are taking action through a combination of technology, education and public policy.
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What is Surescripts?

Find out how Surescripts makes it possible to safely and securely exchange health intelligence nationwide.


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