Arming Healthcare Professionals with Actionable Patient Intelligence


Lowers costs

Access to clinical and medication history can dramatically improve patient care quality, reduce duplications and help save an estimated $138 billion to $226 billion annually.i

Enables better-informed care

We exchange 99 million documents listing patients' previous care locations per year.

Increases patient safety

In 2018, we sent more than 31 million clinical direct messages between healthcare organizations, including pharmacies.

Medication History

Medication History is aggregated and delivered electronically at the point of care, providing a more complete picture of patients’ health history for better-informed and safer care decisions.

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Clinical History

In today’s fragmented care environment, the ability to quickly locate and access clinical records is critical to unlocking safer, higher quality and lower cost healthcare.

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Clinical Direct Messaging

Clinical Direct Messaging conveniently and securely delivers clinical communications and data to healthcare providers nationwide for improved care coordination and increased workflow efficiency.

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Insights & Alerts

Medication non-adherence costs billions of dollars annually and negatively impacts the health of millions of Americans. Insights & Alerts help clinicians address adherence issues at the point of care.iii, iv

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Our Partners

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