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Electronic prescribing is not only how Surescripts got its start, but the impact it's had on healthcare - providing a safer and more efficient prescribing process for clinicians and their patients - has fueled our purpose and vision in the last two decades towards greater health technology innovation.

Making sure our purpose is reflected in all that we do inspired us to overhaul our website. The redesign brings Surescripts' vision of simplified health intelligence sharing that increases patient safety, lowers costs and ensures quality care to the forefront.  

How We Show Up Matters

Surescripts delivers nationwide interoperability at scale with more than 21.7 billion transactions in 2022, bringing patient-specific benefit and clinical information to the fingertips of more than 2 million care providers, reaching virtually every American patient.    

In the same way we are harnessing technology to ensure clinicians have the information they need at their fingertips, the new website features expert insights, data reports and customer stories up-front, focusing on what matters most to all participants in the Surescripts Network Alliance and the patients they serve across the United States.

Shining a Brighter Light on Who We Are

The information we share and stories we tell about the Surescripts Network Alliance is simplified and more easily accessible on the new Surescripts.com.  

Better yet – real people from the organizations that make up the network alliance bring to light how we are working together to make meaningful improvements in healthcare.  

We’re also shining a spotlight on our research, perspectives and the voices and achievements of our partners. But most importantly, we’re bringing the patients served by this technology, from every corner of the country, into clearer view.  

It’s been a remarkable journey thus far and as Surescripts looks to the future, we hope you’ll join us as we pave the way to better informed, high quality and less costly patient care that solves the complex and urgent challenges healthcare faces today.   

Everything you need, right where you need it.  

Check out how at the new Surescripts.com

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