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Technology has many benefits. In healthcare, it keeps patients safe and makes life better for millions of Americans. As technology developers, we are always innovating. And we have a collective duty to upgrade to the latest and greatest industry standards when they become available to continuously improve the quality, cost and safety of patient care. When we do so as one unified network, the results are exponentially better, and we deliver the value of new and improved capabilities sooner.

Watch this: Surescripts E-Prescribing and Medication History are getting an upgrade

Healthcare is marching forward. On September 1, Surescripts will complete the network migration to the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP) SCRIPT Standard v2017071 that will significantly enhance our E-Prescribing and Medication History solutions.

NCPDP SCRIPT Standard v2017071 comes with a number of enhancements designed to increase information sharing, reduce administrative burden and ultimately boost patient safety, pharmacy efficiency and prescription accuracy. These include:

  • an expanded patient instructions field for better clarity of prescriber intent, accuracy and safety
  • the ability to note important patient information like allergies and preferred language
  • the ability to cancel or transfer prescriptions

“We've always tried to stay on top of all requirements when it comes to E-Prescribing, and this was one of them,” explained Brenda Hall, Senior Software Engineer at Harris CareTracker. “We were glad that the Surescripts team was always there to help answer questions in a timely manner. As a result, we prepared for and completed our migration at the end of 2020, and since we had other projects lined up, getting this done meant we could focus on other things.”

The majority of the Surescripts network has already completed the E-Prescribing upgrade. But there are some organizations that have yet to reach the finish line. We’re here to help them make a smooth transition ahead of the deadline to minimize the possibility of service disruptions for their users.

If you’re not yet ready, please reach out to your Surescripts account manager, and visit our NCPDP SCRIPT Standard 2017071 information page to learn more.