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KLAS Research shows how electronic health record (EHR) vendors feel about our solutions designed to enable interoperability, helping clinicians and care managers get the patient intelligence they need to improve outcomes. Most surveyed customers were highly satisfied—and 100% would buy again.

KLAS First Look: Surescripts Interoperability Solutions
Improving Patient Outcomes Using Integrated Communication Technology
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We scored straight As among surveyed EHR vendors—including an A+ for the likelihood that they would recommend us to others. Seventy-three percent were highly satisfied with our solutions that enable interoperability. All would buy them again.

What drove these top marks?

In its report, KLAS Research cited these drivers of satisfaction: strong partnerships, high-quality support, and our commitment to keeping our promises.

That’s why, in part, we’re seeing more use of Record Locator & Exchange, which offers access to the most comprehensive nationwide data set of patient visit and clinical document locations from across EHR systems, and Clinical Direct Messaging, which offers seamless and reliable transmission of information across multiple care collaboration scenarios.

According to our National Progress Report:

  • More than 197,000 clinicians used Record Locator & Exchange in 2021—an increase of 44% over 2020.
  • Providers used Clinical Direct Messaging to send and receive 143 million direct messages in 2021—an 81% increase over 2020.
  • Pharmacies have used Clinical Direct Messaging to send 16 million COVID-19 vaccination notifications to primary care providers.

In addition, one of our newest capabilities, Care Event Notifications, gives clinicians and care managers timely intelligence on important healthcare interactions for their patients across settings, to help avoid duplicative therapies, prevent adverse drug events and provide informed care.

Together, these solutions provide in-the-moment visibility into gaps in care, medication activity and patient care interactions, and allow care teams and care managers more power to control costs and improve quality.

“Surescripts has certainly provided the stability and support that we desire.”

Manager, EHR Vendor

More healthcare professionals are using Record Locator & Exchange and Clinical Direct Messaging because these solutions make it simpler to communicate and find clinical information—like more complete care histories, which lead to more confident care decisions—without having to know where the information is located (or having to sift through it once it arrives).

And by working with Surescripts to provide healthcare professionals with interoperability, EHR vendors gain a partner with more than two decades of experience maintaining a network with industry-leading reliability, security and scalability—and a wealth of resources to support current and emerging interoperability needs.

How do clinicians and care managers get the patient intelligence they need to improve outcomes? By using technology designed for it.

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