Leading Healthcare Organizations Win Surescripts White Coat Award for E-Prescription Accuracy

Annual Award Celebrates 12 EHRs, Health Systems and Pharmacy Industry Leaders for Improving Patient Safety and Workflow Efficiency

Surescripts, the nation’s leading health information network, recognized 12 winners with the 2019 Surescripts White Coat Award™. The Surescripts White Coat Award honors market leaders from across the Surescripts Network Alliance® who helped optimize the more than one billion e-prescriptions delivered by Surescripts in the last year. Since 2016, Surescripts has worked across the healthcare industry to improve the accuracy of e-prescription transactions by 64%, leading to better e-prescribing quality, safety and cost.

The 2019 White Coat Award was expanded to include health systems, pharmacies and pharmacy technology leaders, in addition to electronic health records (EHR) vendors. Winners were recognized for positively impacting patient safety, speed to therapy, first-fill adherence and patient satisfaction by improving e-prescription accuracy.

“As health data-sharing has increased rapidly across healthcare, Surescripts is committed to optimizing the systems and processes we use to share information. One way we’re doing that is by improving the accuracy of electronic prescriptions,” explained Tom Skelton, Chief Executive Officer of Surescripts. “Our White Coat Award celebrates those who are leading the way by collaborating with partners across the Surescripts Network Alliance.”

Optimizing the e-prescribing process can greatly improve care quality, reduce costs and enhance patient safety—all while ensuring higher quality information every time the prescription data is used thereafter, such as during medication reconciliation.

The Surescripts White Coat Award is based on data provided by Surescripts Sentinel®, an automated system that monitors electronic prescriptions and delivers insights to pharmacists, prescribers and technology vendors.

The following organizations were awarded the 2019 Surescripts White Coat Award:

Surescripts White Coat Award winners were announced September 24 at the 2019 Surescripts Network Alliance Forum. 

Read this Q&A to learn more about the 2019 Surescripts White Coat Award.

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