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Annual Award Celebrates Electronic Health Records Vendors, Health Systems, Pharmacies and Pharmacy Technology Vendors for Moving Prescription Accuracy Forward.

ARLINGTON, Va. – October 20, 2021 – Surescripts, the nation's leading health information network, announced 12 winners of the 2021 Surescripts White Coat Award™, the healthcare industry's premier recognition for leaders in e-prescription accuracy.

"Surescripts White Coat Award winners are committed to leveraging technology to increase patient safety, accelerate time to therapy and help patients get the best possible care through their efforts to create clear and accurate e-prescriptions," said Joe Montler, Chief Customer Officer of Surescripts. "We applaud not only their gains in prescription accuracy, but their remarkable progress moving the entire healthcare industry forward."

The 2021 Surescripts White Coat Award winners include:

  • Electronic health records (EHR) vendors: athenahealth, Inc., NextGen Healthcare and ScriptSure DAW Systems, Inc.
  • Health systems: Bassett Healthcare Network, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Lexington Medical Center and MidMichigan Health
  • Retail & mail-order pharmacies and pharmacy technology vendors: Epic, Humana Pharmacy, NowRx Pharmacy and Walmart

The Surescripts White Coat Award spotlights healthcare organizations' efforts to improve prescription accuracy and rewards those who have achieved top results. As part of Surescripts' efforts to optimize the performance of the Surescripts network, the award celebrates leaders who have adopted e-prescribing best practices and technology enhancements that demonstrate their commitment to improving patient safety and healthcare delivery.

"The Surescripts Network Alliance has a unique opportunity to lead the nation in optimizing health data exchange—an effort that takes collaboration among healthcare organizations of all kinds," explained Tom Skelton, Chief Executive Officer of Surescripts. "With each performance improvement made by this year's White Coat Award winners, we're delivering actionable patient intelligence to more points of care and make a meaningful impact on cost, safety and quality."

Clear and accurate e-prescriptions benefit physicians, pharmacists and patients alike. They protect patient safety, accelerate time to therapy by eliminating confusion and rework and help ensure patients get the best possible care. Simplifying the prescription process with automated systems helps prescribers and pharmacists spend less time exchanging phone calls and faxes to clarify prescriber intent and helps alleviate provider burnout.

"E-prescribing technology saves time, increases patient safety and provides a series of additional benefits," said Adam Forman, Chief Operating and Compliance Officer of ScriptSure DAW Systems, Inc. "But if the prescriptions being sent include inaccurate, missing or confusing information, the effects can be tremendous and perhaps lead to an error."

This year, Surescripts recognized White Coat Award winners in three categories:

  • The Highest Accuracy award recognizes the best overall accuracy score, as measured by Surescripts Sentinel®.
  • The Structured & Codified Sig Champion award recognizes organizations making the best use of the Structured & Codified Sig field. This important e-prescription field standardizes directions for medication use, which streamlines prescribing and dispensing while reducing the opportunity for errors.
  • The RxChange Champion award highlights organizations successfully advancing the RxChange transaction, which lets pharmacies communicate with prescribers to resolve prescription concerns within their electronic workflow.

"We are grateful to be recognized as an industry leader for embracing technology advancements that help improve and simplify the pharmacy experience for both providers and patients. This award underscores Humana Pharmacy's strong commitment to providing quality of care through prescription accuracy," said Michael Taday, Senior Vice President of Humana Pharmacy.

The Surescripts White Coat Award is based on data provided by Surescripts Sentinel®, an automated system that monitors electronic prescriptions and delivers insights to pharmacies, health systems and technology vendors. In 2020, the Surescripts Network Alliance saw a 10% increase in the aggregated Quality Index Score for electronic prescriptions across the network—an 80% improvement since 2016.

To learn more about the 2021 Surescripts White Coat Award winners, visit /whitecoataward.

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