Surescripts pioneered the electronic exchange of health information between doctors, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), and pharmacies. Every day, healthcare providers and electronic health records (EHR) companies across the country trust Surescripts to securely share clinical and medication information on behalf of patients – a role we take very seriously.

Why is securing patient health information important to Surescripts?
Patient health information is sensitive, personal information. It is intended for use in specific care settings and by specific users, who rely on this information to ensure quality patient care. Trust in the digital transfer of health information will drive broader adoption and better data quality for the benefit of every pharmacist, doctor, and patient.

How does Surescripts ensure the security of patient information?
Our philosophy is “defense in depth” meaning that we have multiple overlapping safeguards to better defend against many different types of threats and attacks. Our safeguards include administrative, physical and technical steps to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the patient information we share among healthcare professionals.

Committed to Network Integrity

We’re committed to being a trustworthy partner in bringing actionable intelligence to all participants in the Surescripts Network Alliance.

Our Network Integrity Framework continuously protects and improves the privacy, security and quality of the network and the data it carries.

Using our unique central sightline into network activity at scale, we proactively safeguard the Network Alliance. We monitor activity and take action when needed, working to uphold our commitments to our partners.

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