Medication nonadherence costs billions of dollars annually and negatively impacts the health of millions of Americans.1, 2 Insights & Alerts help clinicians address adherence issues at the point of care.



Clinicians can identify adherence issues and gaps in care with patient-specific medication summaries and real-time messages from PBMs and health plans within their EHR workflow at the point of care.

Provides unmatched patient information

Surescripts provides a Proportion of Days Covered (PDC) score from PBMs that allows clinicians to quickly see if patients are taking their medications as prescribed.

Helps clinicians identify and close gaps in care

Clinicians receive medication-specific messages based on each patient’s diagnosis and PDC score, so they can help improve outcomes by addressing care gaps while patients are in the office.

Creates more value for clinicians and PBMs

EHRs can implement a seamless interface that meets clinician demand for real-time data at the point of care. PBMs can improve their adherence programs, reduce costs and increase Star ratings.

A growing solution

In 2020, Insights for Medication Adherence supported 261,000 adherence interventions—an increase of 117% in just one year.3

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Let’s Discuss How Our Insights & Alerts Solutions Can Work for You


Let’s Discuss How Our Insights & Alerts Solutions Can Work for You

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