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COVID-19 fundamentally changed healthcare. It normalized telehealth, changed the way care teams operate, turned entire sectors remote, and exacerbated physician and pharmacist burnout, to name a few major shifts.  

A panel of industry experts gathered at the Emids Healthcare Summit Tech Forum in November to take stock of our current situation and discuss where to go from here. 

Speakers included: 

  • Dinesh Kandanchatha, Managing Partner, HealthTech, Emids (moderator) 
  • Frank Harvey, Chief Executive Officer, Surescripts 
  • Mangesh Patil, Chief Analytics Officer, HCA Healthcare 
  • Katie Hix, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Insurance, Humana 

Watch as they examine our existing landscape and infrastructure and discuss how data, technology and AI can stabilize healthcare post-COVID and improve outcomes. 

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