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What does it take to make a difference—and go the distance—in healthcare? A strong personal connection to a tangible purpose certainly helps. It’s the “why” that compels us to just keep swimming in a sea of problems that need fixing. And we balance the weight of their impact on patients with the positive change we can bring to their lives. But finding solutions becomes even more urgent in the wake of a natural disaster, like a powerful hurricane, or the nationwide devastation caused by COVID-19.

One thing I love about Surescripts is that when there is urgency, we find a way. We just expand what we do and do something different. We help in those times of crisis like we did during the pandemic, and during natural disasters and other emergencies.

If you're passionate about data, this is the place to be.

As Vice President of Business Intelligence, my “why” is driven by the chance to turn massive amounts of raw data into the actionable intelligence that care providers truly need.

Everything we do is about healthcare data. It is one of the most challenging and non-liquid types of data around. My job is to leverage that data and turn it into actionable intelligence—something that people can make decisions on. I love the amount of data. I love the challenge of the data in healthcare. I love the fact that it has not yet been solved for. I love the opportunity that the organization gives me, because we exchange a lot of data that can arm medical professionals to take action and make sure that a patient is getting the right care.

I especially value the role I can play at Surescripts in helping the country navigate and recover in the wake of emergencies and natural disasters, like the pandemic or the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. In a time when people are displaced and doctors need to know which pharmacy is still open, or gain access to a patient’s medication history, I appreciate how we proactively offer resources and assistance to federal and state agencies. And I am proud of how quickly and willingly we answer the call to action and fulfill our duty as a critical component of the nation’s healthcare infrastructure.

During the pandemic, we’ve had a unique vantage point into the volume of prescriptions flowing between prescribers and pharmacies. Public agencies like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) were trying to understand what doctors were prescribing to better understand behavior change around these drugs, and to help establish efficacy or significance. So, it was another opportunity to partner in response to a national crisis.

And for the health IT professionals of tomorrow, here is my message: If you’re passionate about data, this is the place to be. The complexity of the science and the size and velocity of the data—it’s changing constantly. Care providers move around, patients move around. The information just needs to follow that combination everywhere, and there’s new information every time there’s a patient encounter. Multiply that by 330 million Americans, and it gives you an idea of the problems we’re solving here. The fact that Surescripts gives you an opportunity to do something about it is really exciting.

I am honored to represent Surescripts’ purpose of serving the nation with the most trusted and capable health information network—even when the worst happens. And it’s this sense of duty and a desire to help that also characterizes the Surescripts Network Alliance, which continues to prove in good times and bad that we can do more together.

As we enter the 2021 hurricane season, be sure to check out our Emergency Response Action Plans and take action today, so that you’re prepared for tomorrow.

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