Who We Serve

Connecting healthcare professionals across the industry

Surescripts solutions support the needs of healthcare professionals and organizations throughout the patient journey. By simplifying access to healthcare intelligence, we help everyone we serve increase patient safety, reduce costs and ensure quality care. 

  • EHR vendors
  • Health plans
  • Health systems
  • Healthcare analytics vendors
  • Patient access vendors
  • PBMs
  • Chain pharmacies
  • Pharmacy technology vendors
  • Specialty pharmacies

EHR vendors

Together, we can remove the barriers that send providers outside your electronic health record (EHR) for answers.

Health plans

Together, we can help care managers and providers make fully informed, cost-effective care decisions. 

Health systems

Together, we can bring comprehensive patient intelligence directly into your health system’s EHR.

Healthcare analytics vendors

Together, we can help your customers stop tracking down clinical and medication history the hard way and enhance analytics capabilities with trusted data.

Patient access vendors

Together, we can help connect patients and prescribers to your services with greater speed and efficiency. 


Together, we can turn your data into actionable patient intelligence that helps optimize prescriptions, reach clinicians and improve prior authorization efficiency.

Chain pharmacies

Together, we can provide pharmacists with critical information—straight from the source—to enable more efficient and effective patient care.

Pharmacy technology vendors

Ensure pharmacies have access to comprehensive patient data and the ability to communicate with other providers electronically.

Specialty pharmacies

Spend less time filling information gaps and more time supporting patients—helping them start therapy faster and improve medication adherence.

Our Solutions

Tackling our shared challenges with shared intelligence

Tapping into the power of nationwide interoperability, Surescripts solutions enable safer, more affordable prescriptions and empower healthcare professionals with accurate, up-to-date patient insights. 

  • 2.5 billion e-prescriptions filled in 2023, including 21 million specialty e-prescriptions1
  • 1.89 billion clinical document locations accessed in 2023 1
  • $37 average savings per prescription with Real-Time Prescription Benefit ($785 average savings for specialty medications) 1
  • 22,500 pharmacies using Clinical Direct Messaging to quickly collaborate across healthcare1
  • 20% reduction in need for 90-day follow-up calls when one large health system implemented Medication History for Populations2
  • Nearly two days cut from average time to fill when one large specialty pharmacy implemented Specialty Medications Gateway3
  • Intelligent Prescribing
  • Clinical Interoperability
  • Benefits & Authorizations
  • Care Team Evolution
  • Value-Based Care
  • Specialty Medications

Intelligent Prescribing

Expect safe, clear prescriptions with automation built for high data quality and efficient prescriber/pharmacist collaboration.

Clinical Interoperability

Inform treatment and transitions of care by giving clinicians and care managers access to more patient insights and better communication channels.

Benefits & Authorizations

Leverage prescription benefit intelligence throughout the care journey to help choose the best medication option and swiftly handle prior authorizations—or avoid them altogether.

Care Team Evolution

Bring more information into workflows so that patients can get the affordable treatment and support they need, wherever they seek care.

Value-Based Care

Get a sharper view of patients’ medication history, care activity and benefits—helping pinpoint opportunities to improve adherence, lower costs and close gaps in care.

Specialty Medications

Ensure that healthcare professionals have the trusted intelligence they need to get specialty medications to patients quickly, with less paperwork and lower costs.

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Success Stories

Real-world results

“We can use e-prescribing and prior authorization processes to help work with the physician to coordinate care so that patients get the medication their doctor would like them to have.”

Christian Tadrus Owner & Chief Pharmacist, Sam’s Health Mart Pharmacies

“Not having to chase patients down by phone has been life-changing. Now, I don’t have to rely on the patient. I turn to Surescripts first.”

Maggie Shalagan Lead Preventive Health Coordinator, Northeast Medical Group

“If that patient knows when they go to the pharmacist, here's what you can expect to pay for that drug, they're not shocked and they're more likely to pick up their medication and take their medication.”

Neil Simon Chief Technical & Innovation Officer, CompuGroup Medical

“Walgreens is committed to enabling a connected patient experience ... We utilize Surescripts clinical messaging and HISP services that are seamlessly integrated into this infrastructure.”

Venk Reddy Senior Director, Connected Health, Walgreens

“Dispensed prescription data is invaluable to providers looking to deliver high quality care, particularly when they are responsible for at-risk populations.”

Troyen Brennan, MD Former Chief Medical Officer, CVS Health

“Surescripts solutions accelerate the process for specialty prescribing, fulfillment and onboarding by filling information gaps with clinical intelligence. Speed and patient safety are enhanced.”

Katie Reeves Senior Product Manager, Accredo

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