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It’s not uncommon to see patients smile at Staywell Pharmacy. That’s because owner Sanjay Sheshadri uses PrimeRx pharmacy software to find lower-cost alternatives to costly medications. “You can see the relief on their faces,” he says, “when we assure them that yes, it’s for real.” 

How has pharmacy changed over the years?  

One answer to that question is the word relief. When Sheshadri sees signs of relief—maybe even a smile—it means (1) the patient can afford the medication and (2) can go home with it and get better.  

It wasn’t always this way.  

In the past, Sheshadri would work through prior authorization manually—with the patient waiting three or four days—and then find out how much the medication cost. It often turned out to be unaffordable. “It was back to the drawing board,” as Sheshadri recounts in this PrimeRx case study 

And it was back to more waiting. That is, until the advent of innovative pharmacy solutions changed all that. 

“PrimeRx helps me stay on an equal footing,” Sheshadri says, “with great tools that improve efficiency, and just make it easier to help patients.” One of those tools is Surescripts Real-Time Prescription Benefit, which is embedded within the PrimeRx system.  

Sheshadri and his staff at Staywell Pharmacy use Real-Time Prescription Benefit to find alternatives for non-covered medications, along with accurate information on the patient’s copay and flags for prior authorization. These are prescription benefit insights when and where they’re needed. 

“It’s all up front,” Sheshadri says. “We have our answer in a few seconds.” 

“Our PrimeRx pharmacy management system is enhanced by the Surescripts Real-Time Prescription Benefit solution,” says PrimeRx Marketing Director Sylvia Mendoza. “PrimeRx is proud to deliver solutions that make a difference for pharmacies, making it easier for pharmacists to succeed and build healthier communities.” 

This new technology in pharmacy gives independent pharmacists like Sheshadri visibility into patient-specific information right there at the pharmacy counter. And it results in prescription options that patients can access, afford and adhere to.  

That’s how patients stay well at Staywell Pharmacy.  

Reduce prescription abandonment. Avoid costly restocking. Improve affordability and adherence for patients. Learn more about prescription benefit insights across the care journey 

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