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Six years ago, Surescripts first convened the Critical Performance Improvement program with a common goal: to increase prescription accuracy across the Surescripts Network Alliance. But it was our partners who made this goal into a reality. Surescripts Network Alliance participants collectively improved the network-wide Quality Index Score for e-prescriptions by 80% between 2016 and 2020. One way we’ve done this is by doubling the adoption of the Structured & Codified Sig field among electronic health records vendors – from 5.05% to 10.72% – in 2020.

The Surescripts White Coat Award honors those moving prescription accuracy forward.

Whether it's building more advanced e-prescribing software, increasing awareness and utilization among prescribers or developing better workflows among pharmacists, the Surescripts White Coat Award celebrates these achievements.

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Clear and accurate e-prescriptions benefit physicians, pharmacists and patients alike. One 2021 winner, ScriptSure DAW Systems, Inc., partnered closely with Surescripts over 2021 to improve data and supporting documentation to streamline the user experience. The effort led to decreased pharmacy kickbacks and calls to end-users, resulting in a more positive prescribing experience. The results also instilled pride in their employees and confidence in their patients and other stakeholders. "It's an honor to win this award and a validation of our mission and testament to the work and effort of our team," said Aaron Forman, Chief Technology Officer of ScriptSure DAW Systems, Inc.

Surescripts White Coat Award winners also inspire other healthcare organizations to strive for their own prescription accuracy gains, moving the entire healthcare industry forward. "This award underscores Humana Pharmacy's strong commitment to providing quality of care through prescription accuracy," said Michael Taday, Senior Vice President of Humana Pharmacy. "We are grateful to be recognized as an industry leader for embracing technology advancements that help improve and simplify the pharmacy experience for both providers and patients."

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Celebrating those Moving Prescription Accuracy Forward

Are you ready to earn the recognition you deserve for your commitment to prescription accuracy? Learn more about what's new for the 2022 White Coat Award—and how you can set your organization up for success.

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