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In celebration of National Pharmacist Day, our very own Patient Safety Pharmacist Donna Litwak shares her thoughts on the ever-expanding relationship between pharmacists and patients, and the tandem evolution of the pharmacist’s role as a key member of the care team.

“We are very accessible to the patient,” Donna explains. “We're basically like a free healthcare advisor for them, and they are very open with their pharmacist, and have a very good long-term relationship.”

Watch this: Inside the Patient Experience with Donna Litwak

Especially poignant as the nation works to distribute COVID-19 vaccines, Donna points out the full potential of pharmacies in increasing healthcare quality and safety while lowering costs. When pharmacists are armed with technology, they can more readily operate at the top of their license as a specialized healthcare provider who adds value far beyond dispensing.

But does the industry recognize the power of this role? Donna says: “I think they're getting it more and more, especially as we have legislation that allows us to do more services, and also the industry recognizes the value by reimbursing us for those services.”

Go inside the patient experience with Donna as she highlights how empowered pharmacists can in turn empower patients with the support of a specialized healthcare provider who has cost, quality and safety at top of mind.

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