The Future is Now for Specialty Medications

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Despite being an essential component of treating complex medical conditions, the process of prescribing and dispensing specialty medications still relies on antiquated technology.

Specifically, the fax machine—invented in 1843—is still being used today to get patients started on their specialty medication. The myriad of faxes, paper forms and phone calls between a patient’s care team members often means patients must wait a considerable amount of time—sometimes two weeks or more—to start their therapy. How would using today’s technology improve this process?

I was fortunate to recently moderate a panel of forward-thinking experts who talked about how electronic solutions for manual processes can address process challenges, such as manual collection and receipt of enrollment data, and prior authorization delays.

Watch the video below to hear Steffany Stern, Associate Vice President of Advocacy and Policy at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and Michele Kidd, PharmD, Senior Manager of Clinical Technology at Accredo, share their insights on the future of specialty medication prescribing and fulfillment. And learn more about how Surescripts is transforming the process for specialty medications.

Watch this: Specialty Roundtable: Examine the Future of Specialty Medication Prescribing and Fulfillment