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Dr. David Nash, a healthcare influencer and practicing internist with decades of experience, remembers a world without real-time clinical decision support tools. "None of these tools even existed less than a decade ago," he recently explained to Surescripts CEO Tom Skelton. It's fascinating for Nash when he sees his daughter, an attending physician, growing up with this technology. But not everyone is fluent with these solutions yet. "For folks – my ilk – and everyone in between, we've got to be taught and brought along," he explained.

Our data shows this adoption of these types of solutions are growing fast. Today, over a half a million prescribers are using our Real-Time Prescription Benefit service, less than five years after we introduced it.

But we also have data that tells us that physicians and pharmacists alike are experiencing more burnout than ever. Forty-two percent of physicians reported feeling burned out last year, according to Medscape's 2021 Physician Burnout Report, and the three most common contributing factors to burnout that physicians cited were too many bureaucratic tasks (58%), spending too many hours at work (37%), and lack of response from leaders or colleagues (37%).

We've got to make sure digitization doesn't contribute to this issue.

"I call that six clicks to a headache," Nash quipped. "If you're going to make me do six additional clicks, it's not going to happen. Getting health IT solutions to a place where they are accurate, part of an efficient workflow and it doesn't interrupt the day-to-day is going to be a great vision for the future."

Fortunately, that future is already here. Solutions like Real-Time Prescription Benefit are giving providers access to patient-specific pricing and coverage information straight from the source—the patient’s benefit plan—so they can see out-of-pocket costs and multiple therapeutic alternatives. And with flags for prior authorization, they can choose a therapeutic alternative or complete the prior authorization directly within the e-prescribing workflow, saving both time and money.

Impact Report
Impact Report

2021 Medication Affordability & Adherence Report

Learn more about the impact Surescripts Enhance Prescribing solutions have on medication affordability and adherence.

As the use of technology to enhance prescribing expands, so do the opportunities for prescribers and pharmacists. Here at Surescripts, we deliver technology in a user-friendly fashion, which fundamentally changes the way prescribers and pharmacists interact with each other and how they serve their patients.

“There’s good research that shows when we are given actionable information at the right time, the right way, from a trusted source, we're going to change our decision-making,” Nash explained.

Learn more about how we're delivering in workflow intelligence that optimizes both the provider and patient’s care experience.

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